Nothing here yet. Read the manual that comes with Shell.FM and/or press '?' when running Shell.FM to get quick instructions.

press r and:
usertags/username/sometag - plays the users tag-station of the given tag
globaltags/sometag - plays the global tagstation
artist/artistname - plays the similar artists station of the artist (with the shortcut "s" you can jump the similar artists station of the artist of the currently played tag)
artist/artistname/similarartists - (same as above)
user/username - plays the users's library radio station
user/username/personal - plays the personal station of the user
user/username/recommended - plays the recommended tracks station of the user
user/username/playlist - plays the playlist of the user

Use the TAB key (multiple times) in the radio prompt to auto-complete
station names or get suggestions.

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