Ubuntu Hardy and PulseAudio

These are the steps that I followed in order to get shell-fm 0.6 working with PulseAudio under Ubuntu 8.04 x64:

  1. Remove the shell-fm 0.4 package (from the repos) if you have it installed
  2. git the latest 0.6 version from here: http://github.com/jkramer/shell-fm/tree/master
  3. follow the following tutorial: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=789578
  4. log off/on
  5. configure ~/.shell-fm/shell-fm.rc according to man shell-fm
  6. enjoy!

Additionally, one may encounter the following error while executing the scripts/unix.pl file in daemon mode:

Can't locate object method "say" via package "IO::Socket::UNIX" at ./unix.pl line 42.

This is due to the older libraries packaged in Ubuntu. Simply open the unix.pl file and edit the following line:

$socket->say("@ARGV\n") or die("Failed to send command. $!.\n");

To the following:

$socket->print("@ARGV\n") or die("Failed to send command. $!.\n");
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