Control Remote Shell Fm With Bash Aliases

well, having a non-graphical TTY on some of my computers, and a remote shell-fm running as daemon, i made a few aliases in my .bashrc file to control shell-fm over the network, using netcat (nc):

$ grep 54311 ~/.bashrc
alias info='echo info | nc 54311 ; echo'
alias love='echo love | nc 54311'
alias ban='echo ban | nc 54311'
alias skip='echo skip | nc 54311'

thus, whie i'm working on my terminal and listening to, i can type at any time:
[ctrl-z]  # this keystroke interrupts my current working application
$ love    # this tells shell-fm i love the current song
$ fg      # i'm back to my work

of course, here, the IP address of my shell-fm is hard-coded: don't forget to use your own if you copy these aliases in your ~/.bashrc. ah, some people would prefer not to use the 'info' alias because they use the GNU info browser ? two solution appear:
  • type \info to have the GNU info browser, or
  • rename the 'info' alias to something else, such as 'title'
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