hack: remoteShellFM - Control shell-fm over ssh somewhere

Description: This bash-script allows you to run shell-fm on another computer on your or some-one else network and control it over ssh.

Get it: remoteShellFm (dropbox)

Usefulness: When you have for example a linutop connected to your home-cinema and putty on your phone and brings someone home after a night out on the pubs and want them to feel comfortable with their own music ;)

Author: Jonas Odencrants
Version: 0.3
Date: 2009-03-26
remoteShellFm "help" will display this more readable in your terminal.

  1. "start, -d" "Start shell-fm in daemon mode."
  1. "play, p" "Play another station."
  • "ls" "Lists the radio url format."
  • "similar, s" "Change station to 'similar artists'."
  • "fan,f" "Change station to 'fans radio'."
  • "radio, r" "Change station to 'some station'" "eg. globaltags/electronica."
  • "bookmark, b" "Change station to one of the 'saved bookmarks'."
  • "info, i" "Get info eg: %a, if empty show standard info."
  • "ls" "List the available % alternatives."
  1. "tag" "Switch to tag the currently played artist OR track."
  • "item" "artist" "Tag the currently played artist as something."
  • "track" "Tag the currently played track as something."
  1. "bookmark, b" "Saves current station to ~/.shell-fm/bookmarks."
  • "ls" "Lists all in ~/.shell-fm/bookmarks"
  1. "love, l" "Marks the currently played track, as one of your loved ones."
  2. "ban, b" "Bans the currently played track from your tunes."
  3. "skip, n" "Skips to the next track."
  4. "paus" "Paus the currently played track"
  5. "stop" "Stops the currently played track"
  6. "quit" "Shuts down the daemon completly"
  7. "discovery" "Enables or disables discovery mode"
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