Basic Features

  • default actions (love / ban / skip)
  • recommending tracks / artists / albums
  • adding tracks to playlist
  • toggle discovery mode
  • toggle RTP (reporting to profile (scrobbling))
  • tagging tracks / artists / albums

Advanced Features

  • autoban (whenever a track by a banned artist shows up the playlist, it's automatically banned)
  • bookmark stations, so you can jump to them by pressing one single key
  • can run as a daemon in background
  • is controllable over network or via UNIX socket (and is therefore scriptable)
  • shell commands can be bound to hotkeys
  • can dump track data to files on track-change ("now-playing" file)
  • can run shell commands on track-change
  • external players or other commands can be used (MP3 files will be written to a pipe then)
  • integration in X terminals and GNU screen
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