Feature Requests

If you want to see a new feature in Shell.FM, add it to the list below. Make sure you're using the latest checkout from GitHub (the feature might be implemented already).

  • Funky featureā€¦
  • Gap (standard 2 seconds) between songs (added in 980ed52da80f00e1c58686713ee6c17b3d17960e)
  • Maybe it's not a feature request, but could someone make an anyremote script for shell-fm? Is it even possible?
  • delay-change for "q" (quit after current track finishes) while "Q" finishes immediately (added in 28290572930685f46dd85b3ef2a91655a516e187)
  • D = backup next song
  • Ask before overwriting a bookmark
  • Flush stdout frequently, so one can pipe the output to scripts or figlet or stuff like that.
  • Add please daemon status (play|pause|stop) may be in "info" command output, it's good for shell scripting
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