My audio device is blocked / in used by another application.

If you get a message that the audio device can't be openend, it's maybe in use by another application. Make sure that Shell.FM is compiled with libao ("$ ldd /usr/bin/shell-fm | grep libao"). If not, recompile with support enabled. You may need to install the library first. If you're using Debian or Ubuntu, you also need to install the development package ("*-dev"). After that, find out what your audio driver is (most likely ALSA or Pulse). Edit /etc/libao.conf (as root) or ~/.libao and set the option "default_driver" to the correct value.

If you're using Ubuntu Hardy, read this.

Is it possible to use shell-fm on a Win95 machine?

Is there a simple way to use shell-fm on a Win*# machine? Are there any *nix spepific libs linked? Or might i just compile it with gcc under win95?

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